The World of Nicophere

Back in Arkhur

Session 2

The party returns to Arkhur and looks for an armorer to help them identify their items. They happen upon Lota and Ukhlar’s Leather and Chain, an armor purveyor situated between Withua’s Scribal Shop and The Academy of Dumagara Library. They are unable to identify either item, but Lota directs the party to find Aldaman in the Artisans Quarter.

The party locates a small brick building bearing the sign Aldaman’s Armory on Artisan’s Row. The bricks in front of the armory show signs of having been previously scorched by a great heat, and the timber ends show previous fire damage. They are greeted by the purveyor, and aged, short, surly dwarf with the keen eye and quick manner of a perfectionist. He identifies the Brass Arm as belonging to Rari One-Arm. He fashioned it over a hundred years ago when that notable had lost his arm defending Baroness Atud from a Magmin. They sell the Arm back to Aldaman, to be melted down.

Searching through the other shops, they find Thara’s Adventuring Supplies, run by a comely half-elf Thara where they buy some tools and rations for adventuring. They also buy some prospectors tools from Gulli’s mining supplies.

They come into the Boars House tavern and settle in to listen for rumors. They overhear the following rumor:

An Undead Knight is waiting in Tere Stronghold

They also bump into Grori the Guard Captain whom they meet briefly, a grizzled dwarven war veteran with a prominent scar over his right eye that divides his eyebrow.

They also run into Bali, an old Miner with a wooden leg who tells them a tale of a Crumbling Ruin that he would like their help exploring.


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