The World of Nicophere

Entering the Ruins

Session 3

Bali leads the group to the entrance to the crumbling ruin, they travel for several hours through an abandoned mine and some natural tunnels, not able to memorize the way through various turns and switchbacks. Eventually they come to the entrance, on the edge of a cliff partway up a deep gorge what used to be a grand pillared entrance is covered in webs and strewn with rubble from the partially collapsed antechamber. The party encounters and defeats 3 giant spiders in the webs coating the entry way. They proceed to explore into the ruin and find an ancient statue of a human queen that they don’t recognize. There is an inscription which they are not able to read. They explore farther into the ruin, and encounter a locked door which they ignore, and pushing further into the ruins, crossing a rock-strewn hallway, they are ambushed by 3 giant rats that drop on them from an uneven ledge above the doorway. They defeat the rats, and move back out into the rock strewn tunnel. They traverse some slippery moss-covered rocks (dangerous terrain), and around the corner in a large open room, the see the shadows of several man-sized creatures. They decide to retreat and re-trace their steps to find a place to rest and re-group, but Rik and Viet both slip on the mossy rocks and crash down, their armor clanging loudly and echoing in the otherwise empty hall. The party retreats to the anteroom beside the entryway to find the door closed and something actively hammering on the other side. They try unsuccessfully to force the door open and are forced to retreat to one of the connecting rooms where they had seen a fireplace. They explore the fireplace, looking for a means of escape and disturb a swarm of bats which had taken up residence in the chimney. The bats fly harmlessly, but annoyingly into the chamber, and the characters make an escape from the dungeon by using rope and pitons to scale the chimney. They leave the pitons in place as they climb making an easily traversed ladder.

They come out on an icy and barren height, devoid of all but short scrub, and make their way downward to the cover of a coniferous stand of woods. Making their way down a steep slope, they find a river and follow it to lower ground where the wind is lessened and they find a place to make camp for the night.

The party builds and banks a fire which draws some humans to them. Rik is on watch just before morning, when the humans approach is able to hear them and moves out to meet them. The humans get the drop on him and march him back to his camp at sword-point. The three with the aid of Bali manage to overcome the humans and defeat them. When they loot them, they find a bit of treasure including a simple silver ring.

The party breaks camp and continues downstream, looking for a safe place to cross the still swiftly-moving water. They find a marshy area where the slope of the mountain begins to flatten out, where reeds are growing near the water’s edge. They decide to begin work on a reed raft. Leaving Merric and Bali to attend to this, Rik takes Viet and explores nearby, locating a cave…exploring in a short ways, it appears to be the entrance to some kind of cave-system.


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