The World of Nicophere

The Tomb of Arkhur

Session 1

Rik, meets up with the Dwarven Cleric of Moradin, Viet, and the Halfling Rogue Merric in the town of Arkhur (Rockfall). They explore the town and locate the Temple of Moradin and listen for rumors at The Copper Buckler. They hear rumors of strange lights at the Royal burial crypt of the founding baroness Atud Arkhur on the north peak of the Three Sisters.

They encounter a Water Weird in a pool that was placed to guard the sleep of the tomb’s inhabitants. They manage to circumvent the creature and explore deeper in the tomb. They encounter the ghost of Atud Arkhur and follow her into the crypt where they meet up with Shokimy the dust Mephit. He leads them to a mysterious red gem which Merrick takes. Taking the gem seems to return the spirit of the baroness to her rest.

When trying to exit the tomb, the heroes are beset by three skeletal warriors that try to stop them from leaving with the gem. Upon defeating the three skeletons, they find an Adamantite Short Sword and a fashioned Brass Arm that they bring out with them. When they leave the tomb, all seems silent.


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